What is the Lakewood Fellowship?

Within the picturesque town of Lakewood, New Jersey, lies one of the world’s most prestigious Yeshivas, in whose halls thousands of the most talented scholars study Talmud and secure the continuity of our great erudition and tradition. In an exclusive…

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rosenblum botnick

Discover Judaism

Enter the privileged study halls of the Harvard of Jewish academia- the world famous Yeshiva, Beth Medrash Govoha, founded in 1941. You will be assigned to a resident scholar for intellectually challenging one-on-one learning and debating. World class lecturers will…

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paintball rings homestead


Chill with a great group of guys enjoying thrilling activities during downtime: NBA/NFL game, combat sports, rock climbing, water sports… Experience an awesome Shabbaton in a beautiful suburban setting with superb accommodations and cuisine in the company of warm and…

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What Do They Say?

Don’t know if this is for you? Watch this clip and listen to guys just like yourself say it in their own words… ( probably the best 6 minutes you invest this year…)    

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Yehuda Green

Yehuda Green- Live!

While the world of Jewish music has become saturated with “Shlomo Style” performances and performers, none have captured the hearts and souls of audiences around the world with the soft spoken success of Yehudah Green. Born to a prominent Chassidic…

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